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Liquid Vitamins ExposedDid you know your vitamin manufacturer is likely Fractionating your daily nutritional supplements?


Dear fellow Health-Conscious Consumer,

You may be startled to find out your liquid vitamins (and also pill vitamins) may not be as “natural” or as effective as you were originally led to believe. Your supplement manufacturer may be playing “God” with your life!

Science has proven  that our body has difficulty recognizing and assimulating properly, nutritional supplements which have been broken down chemically, and separated from all the other natural nutrients needed to go along with that particular vitamin or mineral.

The official word for this is called FRACTIONING. Learn this term clearly, if you want to understand what’s really going on.

So, beware  if the nutrition label shows Vitamin DV AMOUNTS. That means it’s NOT a true Natural-Source Phytonutrient Supplement. Fractioned supplements are DEAD “food”. Why would anybody want to settle for ordinary vitamins or even liquid vitamins? … once they really know this, and know there’s something better available?

You see, our body’s need True LIVE Whole-Food Supplements  for our optimum health. You’ll find out why and how below. Also see the TRUTH Articles  (in the right column).
Body Balance is Vegan Friendly

Life Force Body Balance Liquid Vitamins

“Proven Results for 29 Years”

“100% Natural – The UN-Fractionated Supplement


FEEL the Natural Liquid  difference!

Energize your body and mind with delicious black cherry natural-source SUPER-FOODso good, kids think it’s juice!

Body Balance ® is the only ORIGINAL true all-natural  liquid supplement recommended by 1,000′s of doctors for over 20 years. See our video testimonials about our liquid vitamins called Body Balance.

Good enough for doctors, good enough for YOU

“Life Force International (formerly Doctors’ Signature), since the 1980′s, knows what Thomas Edison knew in the late 1800′s, what Hippocrates knew in 400 B.C., and what modern mainstream researchers are finally confirming today.

“Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” ~ Thomas Edison

What makes Life Force (the manufacturer of Body Balance) preferred over all other “liquid vitamin” companies is Body Balance was proven and distributed strictly through doctors  for over a decade of its existence BEFORE they went direct-to-the-end-user in 1996.

No other copycat “me too” liquid vitamins company can make this claim, nor has the long-term credibility of Life Force International.

Body Balance has never been copied, and is still the only  ORIGINAL proven liquid supplement today.”

- Wayne Gerald,

Founder of

—– Original Message —–

From: “vicki buck”Subject:

RE: It’s Gail, Vicki … quick note …

Hi Gail and Wayne,

I have received Body Balance and have started taking it. It has only been a few days but I do notice a difference already. I work some 12 hour days and I used to actually feel very sluggish at around 2-3:00 in the afternoon and by the time I got home at 9:30pm. I just wanted to go to sleep.

Now I don’t feel sluggish throughout the day and I actually can stay up until 12:00am or even later. I have no doubt that it is because of body balance. Thank you for such a great product.

Sincerely, Vicki L. Buck

From: English rose

Subject: my order.

Hi Gail,

Just a quick question, i signed up for “autoship” on a previous order for osteoprocare and body balance…will that automatically be sent out … so I do not “run out”. I am so thrilled with how well I am feeling I definitely don’t want to run out!

The products were recommended to me and now … after a year and half of “chronic fatigue” and “immune deficiency” problems, i am feeling SO well…after many other trials of many “good” products and alternative therapies…

I am sure you have heard this many times…?

Now that I feel better I am trying the weight loss products for that extra boost…I want to look as good as I feel. I am hoping to shed my extra 30 Lbs gained due to med’s etc….




“How to Respond to your Body’s Needs”

What if …

“You were able to know, in just a few minutes, exactly how each part of your body functioned.

You also knew precisely what to do to restore its functions.

You suddenly had answers to health problems that had plagued you for a long time.

You could retest your body systems to determine if whatever you were doing was, indeed, working for you.

You could do this whenever you wanted and it would cost you nothing.

You could read your lab work and know exactly what it all meant.

You could clearly see trends toward illness on your lab work (often, even when your doctor may tell you the findings are perfectly normal) and know precisely what to do to prevent illness before it ever develops.

You knew exactly what elements make for optimum health and you also knew how to incorporate them into your life so that your life would continually become richer and more rewarding.

You’re about ready to have that tool which will help you do all these things – and much more.

The strategies for restoring, optimizing, and protecting your health are easy to understand and are straightforward.”

So myself and Gail (my close associate) would like to guide you in how to optimize your wellness by showing you how you can supplement your existing diet, and also apply Dr. Force’s exclusive new self-care workbook … “Choosing HEALTH” … the most practical book we’ve ever found on building wellness. It’s a book you DO.

You can begin by working with your body’s chemistry “Hierachy of Needs for Wellness” starting with …

1) Air

2) Water

3) Foundation Diet

4) Non-Toxic Environment

5) Detoxification

We can directly guide and provide products for your Foundation Diet and Detoxification.

All our liquid food including Body Balance, True Greens, and AminoCharge will drastically help your foundation diet so your body and mind gets the nutrition it needs.

Colon Cleanse Program, our famous celebrity endorsed Herbal Body Wrap, Colloidal Silver, and Liquid Taheebo will drastically help you detoxify your body, and help your body assimilate and UTILIZE nutrients far better, along with strengthen your immune system.

Between the exclusive products offered here, and this new practical work-book, you will regain and/or attain a level of wellness and vigor you never ever imagined could exist.

Gail and I know you’ll FEEL the positive difference. It happens all the time. So that’s out of the question. We get testimonials like the above all the time. It’s routine.

However, to prove physically you’re benefiting, isn’t it nice to be able to TEST your results any time you wish? So you can SEE proof? Now you can.

Finally, there’s an inexpensive way to monitor your wellness level without expensive INVASIVE tests!

Below, you’ll also discover a unique 100% plant-based liquid formula that tastes good – Body Balance … which is already recommended by 1000′s of health practitioners worldwide since the 1980′s.

Body Balance is the ORIGINAL. No copycat has ever been able to replicate this proprietary formula. Also, no other formula has the proven reputation, and record of credibility that Body Balance does.

Find out why your body must have these nutrients … not just to survive … but to attain a stratospheric level of wellness you never imagined.

Restore BALANCE. That’s what the Asian cultures have always said. We agree.

Now we’ve made it so you’re enabled to do YOUR OWN self-tests to measure your continued progress.

Life Force International is the only manufacturer we’ve found who offers the most well-rounded NATURAL APPROACH to wellness. You too will discover and conclude the same once you start getting to know them.

See, we believe our bodies are a miracle. Our wellness philosophy is …

“Give your body what it needs, and your body will

be enabled to address it’s own health challenges…”

… almost like magic!

You’re now on a real journey to the “Way To Wellness” here. Our site aims to help you reach your health goals by enlightening you on NEW information you probably haven’t heard before. Find out more below:

And remember … buy Dr. Force’s Self-Care Work-Book.


Is Food … Medicine?

Helpful Reading Tip: I suggest you read this page all the way down FIRST before you go clicking to the documentation links within the text. This will give you an overall good picture of the information. Then you can click the links to see the documentation which backs it up. It will be much easier to understand that way. There’s lots of information here, and if you don’t do it this way, you could easily get lost. This is the best way I could figure out how to present this important information to you in a more easy to understand way.

Instead of “Food shall be your medicine, and medicine shall be your food”, the new saying should be “Phytonutrients shall be your medicine” as we’re now isolating WHAT in whole food causes the protection and healing.

Phytonutrients (phyto = Plant) are being discovered as a significant way to drastically reduce risk of degenerative diseases.

Unfortunately, we can’t get phytonutrients from any other source besides whole-food  because phytonutrients can’t be isolated without leaving out or destroying the synergistic  associated-factors which make them effective.

Vitamins can never do what Plant  Nutrients can

Centrum Liquid Vitamins vs. Body BalanceClinical Studies

Did you know just 3 servings of fruits and vegetables equates to 22% decrease in strokes? – (Gillman et al. Journal of the American Medical Association. 1995;273;1113).

Just 2 servings of dark green or deep yellow vegetables equates to: 46% decrease in risk of heart disease, and 70% lower risk in cancer. – (Gaziano et al. Annals of Epidemiology 1995;5:255 and Colditz et al. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 1985;41:32).

10 or more servings of Tomatoes a week equates to 35% decrease in prostate cancer. (Giovannucci et al. Journal of the National Cancer Institute 1995;87:1767).

Diet Related Diseases in the United States Cost More than

$200 Billion for Care and Medical Treatment each year!

Pitifully, today’s real health crises is that 48% of the population consumes LESS than 1 serving of fruit a day! The majority are NOT getting the recommended 5 servings of proven health-protecting fruits and vegetables a day.

Why? Mostly because of our fast-paced convenience eating habits. It’s become a “pain” to get our required servings each day, and so we fail to do it. It’s just not convenient enough! So we sacrifice our health.

What we really need is a FAST and CONVENIENT way to get all our Phytonutrients every day. And also enjoy it! Now you can.

Are you wasting money – possibly hurting your health?

“Are vitamin supplements throwing your body – off balance?”

Your vitamins may not be as “natural” as you believe. What manufacturers are NOT telling us is they’re fractioning the supplements they sell.

Most vitamins “claim” to be made from whole-foods. They may start out that way, but by the time these vitamins make it to the market … they’re “anything but” – caused by a chemical-isolating manufacturing process called “fractioning.”

With fractioning, many vital naturally-occurring (and associated) phytonutrients are destroyed and left out!

Should you choose Liquid Vitamins or Liquid Phytonutrients?

The human body VALUES whole-food phytonutrients (PLANT nutrients) over man-made synthetic liquid vitamins.

It just makes sense!

“Phytonutrients” are “natural source” and “organic.”

This means they are not synthetic.

Your body has a built-in intelligence which recognizes “natural source” phytonutrients, and “organic” minerals (i.e. from plants.)

The body has natural defenses to “filter out” alien materials, such as synthetic liquid vitamins and inorganic minerals. That’s why the body needs less of phytonutrients than man-made nutrients.

Almost all nutritional supplements are made with “synthetic vitamins” (made in a lab), and “inorganic minerals,” which means ground up rock, or shells.

Even if you bought liquid vitamins over vitamin pills, the NEW question to ask is NOT whether they’re up to 98% more absorbable or not … it’s …

“Are they synthetic or whole-food derived without fractioning?”

Ask what’s MISSING in them?

Are sythnthetic liquid vitamins better in liquid format because they “absorb” better? That could be negative benefit!

Do you really want your body absorbing a synthetic liquid vitamin more easily?

Do your realize your body could treat absorbable synthetic liquid vitamins as a foreign invader? Why do you think some people get allergic reactions to vitamins?

All our major competitors have SYNTHETIC liquid vitamins added. The dead giveaway to this is that they label the DV amounts which you cannot do in a truly natural plant-based supplement. Body Balance is truly 100% natural.

So with sythetics you end up flushing your money and vitamins down the toilet – not getting the nutrients (normally in the whole-food), and wasting un-absorbed nutrients because they’re NOT organic – not even typical LIQUID vitamins. See full explanation.

Very likely, you’re wasting money by taking the wrong supplements with questionable absorption of vital nutrients. But it’s not your fault. You were told they were “natural.”

Even if you’re taking liquid vitamins, how bio-active are liquidized ground-up rocks and man-made substances? – which are fractioned too! … just like their pill counter-parts.

See Article on How Vitamin Manufacturers are “Fractioning” your Nutrients.

So are your cells truly getting and absorbing important health-giving nutrients you think you’re getting – into the cellular level?

The answer is very well likely a big fat … “NO.”

Here’s the problem with inorganic compounds (“nutrients” they call them?):

See, INorganic vitamins and minerals can’t properly be utilized to give LIFE to your cells. Your body is literally starving for organic, bio-active PLANT nutrients officially called PhytoNutrients (also known as natural phytochemicals).

And if that’s not bad enough, vitamins can potentially make matters even worse!

Dr. Watkinson warns about synthetic nutrients

Dr. Toby Watkinson is the host for the nationally syndicated radio show, “The Health Detective”, Dr. Watkinson is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Chiropractic Physician & Psychologist with over 2 decades of practice and research and an expert on how nutrition effects the human body.

Toby warns that “incomplete, synthesized, nutritionally deficient nutrients” put you at risk by creating imbalance, and literally “suck the life out of your body like a vacuum!”

“25 mg of Vitamin C in lemon-juice still in its whole-food natural form will cure scurvy. Yet 25mg of ascorbic acid (synthetic) will not! In another experiment, rats given synthetic vitamins died sooner  than rats fed no food at all!”

“A recent Finnish study published in the New England Journal of Medicine proves that taking synthetic vitamins is worse than starvation! The synthetic vitamins will kill you quicker.”

So synthetic and most “natural” vitamins are utterly void of phytonutrients.

Inorganic minerals are void of natural carriers – which transport vital minerals into your cells.

Research studies show how the wrong supplements can mess up your body’s nutritional balance or worse!

Synthetic vitamins such as the synthetic beta carotene used in the widely publicized New England Journal of Medicine study decreases the levels of other cartenoids in the tissues and increases carcinogenesis as the study noted. [28]

This does not happen when natural carotenoid complexes are supplemented as the anti carcinogenic effects of the full spectrum of cartenoids are powerful. [29,30]

This hidden danger may be a factor in carcinogenesis because of the indiscriminate use of supplementation by the American public with individual nutrients or multivitamin products that are synthetic and not derived from plant sources and may promote carcinogenesis. (Emphasis added)

For example, feeding a methionine enhanced diet to animals doubled the formation of crypt cell proliferation and aberrant crypt formation and an arginine-enhanced diet increased tumor cell growth in mice more than twofold over mice fed control diets.” [31-32]

Phytonutrients are the New 21rst Century SUPER-Food

“The antioxidant power of fruits and vegetables is awesome and beyond the power of isolated unnatural, unbalanced and narrow-minded “bullet” treatments. [33-35]

For example, studies have shown that the bioavailability of individual tocopherols and tocotrientols is best when all subtypes of tocopherols and tocotrienols are given, and that a high intake of polyunsaturated oils without a concomitant increase in vitamin E may cause neurological disorders.” [36,37]

“There is growing evidence that whole food concentrates packed with powerful phytochemicals are far superior  to the fragmented use of synthetic or isolated vitamin and mineral supplements. [6,12]

Plant phytonutrients  have been documented to inhibit oncogene activation, P53 mutation, angiogenesis, suppress COX-2 activation, protect DNA, stimulate natural killer (NK ) cell activity and T-helper cell proliferation and inhibit many enzymes and signal transducers used by cancer cells for growth, proliferation, and metastasis.” [44-50] – Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Oct, 2001, by Paul Yanick.

So are you missing these naturally occurring factors which can contribute enormously to your health and wellness?

Why not trust the manufacturer who specializes exclusively in NATURAL Phytonutrient Liquid Nutrition  since the 1980′s?

So guess which your body needs? … even CRAVES!

Manmade synthetic vitamins? Or... Bio-available organic PLANT nutrients?

Exciting New Research on Phytonutrients!

“The discovery of phytonutrients has stimulated much excitement among nutrition and health scientists.” - Agricultural Research, March 1998, by Carla R. Field

Phytonutrients nourish the body’s cells, tissues, and organs to support overall wellness and vitality.

“Discoveries in the nutrition and health arenas during this century have widened our view of what foods do for us – from supplying raw energy to providing the vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function. More recently, these sciences have come to recognize that plant foods contain a virtual cornucopia of compounds – over and above vitamins and minerals – that potentially enhance human health.

Examples include cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower that can blunt tumor growth in animal models, phytoestrogens in soybeans that appear to reduce risk of breast cancer, and plant anthocyanins – or color pigments – that appear to reduce the rate of oxidative damage within the human body.

These plant, or phyto-, nutrients are not essential for the body’s day-to-day operation. But they appear to be in foods for good reason. They may protect DNA and other cell parts from oxidation, detoxify environmental pollutants, deactivate carcinogens, boost the immune system, or act in as yet unknown ways to prevent or delay onset of cancer, heart disease, cataracts, and other diseases related to the foods we eat or don’t eat. Together, diet-related diseases in the United States cost more than $200 billion for care and medical treatment each year.” - Agricultural Research, March 1998, by Carla R. Field

Even raves about PhytoNutrients “Taking Center Stage”


Nature Knows Best!

So not only are people NOT getting the important protective nutrients they need, they may even be causing chemical-imbalances by taking inorganic substances … potentially doing more damage than good!

Doesn’t NATURE know best? Our bodies crave NATURAL-source nutrients.

There’s no reason to have to starve your cells or create imbalances in your body anymore.

Finally, you can get the only completely organic, concentrated live whole-food antioxidant formula – proven and recommended by 1,000′s of doctors since the early 1980′s.

This highly absorbable ionic-formula, harvested from the land and sea, is appropriately named “Body Balance.”Body Balance combines organic cold-processed sea vegetation in a base of cold-processed certified kosher and certified organic aloe-Vera juice.So you get the widest spectrum of phytonutrients … 9 select varieties of sea vegetation are used which are harvested from the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean

Find out more about How Sea Vegetables are the Highest Known Plant Source.

You get delivered, into your cells, synergistically combined, naturally-occurring vital nutrients … including virtually every vitamin, mineral, ultra-trace mineral, amino acid, and enzyme useful for optimal health … PLUS … the known (and unknown) natural PhytoNutrients which protect the body.

The Amazing Properties of Sea Vegetables


“Of the 27 diverse phyla of life, only 17 occur on land, yet 27 of the 27 occur in the ocean and so the largest proportion of biodiversity is in the ocean.”

“Sea vegetables are a source of many important minerals. In fact, 3-5 pounds of sea vegetables will fully mineralize (provide all essential minerals) an adult human for one year (Ryan Drum PhD, personal communication).”- Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Feb, 2001, by Tim Batchelder

“Scientists at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Bethesda, Md., agree with Lewallen that sea plants contain a remarkable spectrum of components valuable for human health.

David Newman, Ph.D., a chemist with NCI’s Natural Products Branch says his research team is currently testing 15,000 compounds from about 6,000 marine species including algae, fungi, coral and seaweed for their biological activity.

Many appear to have powerful anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal, anticancer and immuno-suppressive (useful in treating autoimmune diseases) properties.” – Vegetarian Times, April, 1997, by Ginger Webb

So Where on Earth?

Tell me, where else do you plan on getting rich ORGANIC Plant Minerals? I’m not talking about ground up shells from sea coral. Those are NOT organic.

So where? From the land? Nope. Sorry, it ain’t gonna happen. If you don’t believe it, then see what our own government says about our crops.

Farm Land Mineral Depletion Senate Document 264, 1936.

Verbatim Unabridged extracts from the 74th Congress 2nd Session:

“Our physical well-being is more directly dependent upon minerals we take into our systems than upon calories or vitamins, or upon precise proportions of starch, protein or carbohydrates we consume.”

“The alarming fact is that foods (fruits, vegetables and grains) now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough of certain minerals are starving us – no matter how much of them we eat. No man of today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the minerals he requires for perfect health because his stomach isn’t big enough to hold them.”

Click here for more – Depleted Farmlands. Senate Document 264

What’s sickening is we’ve known about this problem since 1936! … and still … nothing significant has been done about this.

And so ever since then … there’s been continued drastic increases in degenerative diseases. Do you think there might be a correlation? Hmmm.

So you clearly MUST get your minerals if you want good health. And they need to be ORGANIC PLANT-BASED so your body can absorb them. No, Bob Barefoots’ overclaimed “coral fish shell calcium” isn’t going to do it.

Don’t get me wrong … eating fruits and vegetables are still a good source for PHYTONUTRIENTS.

But they’ve been ruined (as stated in Senate Doc 264) as a good source of MINERALS.

So Sea Vegetables are your LAST resort on planet earth! … to get organic minerals that I’m aware of.



Life Force Body Balance includes 9 different sea vegetables in a TASTY way …. that makes it not only “bareable” to eat sea vegetables … but even ENJOYABLE.

These guys are incredible geniuses. They figured a way on how you can get these organic minerals from sea vegetables, and still make it taste GOOD … so you’ll be sure to take it!

The copycat competitor to Body Balance is a drink which tastes like “cranberry cough syrup”. This is the exact quote I got from one of my customers who switched to Body Balance.

(I’m always amazed how people get sucked into widely advertised things like this “uncertifed with IASC” competitor of ours. They fail to advertise that part though. lol. Years after Body Balance, this company tried to make an offshoot of Body Balance. But nobody’s been able to duplicate it’s proprietary formula.)

And NO … Body Balance does NOT taste like cough syrup – like their’s does – by any sense. (That’s the main reason my new customer switched to Life Force International’s Body Balance. )

Also, there’s NO fishy sea taste to Body Balance either … nor any bad AFTER-taste.

When you get this, you’ll be amazed. Body Balance simply tastes like a good tasting cherry drink. Like I said before, kids think it’s juice. You’ll find they’ll even ask for more. Now that’s THE real taste test … “do the kid test!”

I’m going into the taste issue in detail because it’s important! I know taste may be a big concern before you buy. It was for me, too!

So watch this cute video with these kids drinking Body Balance, and listen to what they have say about it.

See? Body Balance really does taste great. Everybody says that. Even kids (a finicky bunch). Besides, if you don’t like the taste (very unlikely), then you get your money back. You have 90 days to try Body Balance, risk-free.

I think one of the reasons we get so many testimonials on Body Balance is because people are finally getting their needed minerals they were lacking, and getting the best organic minerals which can ABSORB into their cells.

Their bodies were literally starving for minerals before. I’m sure yours is, too, unless you on a regular diet of sea vegetables … though highly unlikely for most people.

I consider Life Force Body Balance “the modern-day healthy convenient fast food“. Body Balance only takes about 15 seconds to consume. I don’t think that will interupt your day too much. :-)

Now lets take a look a one special land-based plant that hasn’t been ruined or perverted by man yet.

Mother Natures’ Miracle PlantAloe Vera, is also an integral part of the Body Balance formula. Modern studies validate aloe Vera’s many health benefits.The Aloe Vera in Body Balance, in addition to the Sea Vegetation, also possesses a wide variety of phytonutrients. The biggest benefit and most researched are it’s Polysaccharides (sometimes mistakenly called mucopolysaccharides).The Polysaccharide content in each quart ranges a whopping 1500-2000 milligrams. Before you buy any aloe drinks, this is an important question to ask.

Life force has taken the most well-known healing plant known to man and combined it with richest source of green vegetation on earth … sea vegetables. What a powerful pack of phytonutrients you get!

More Research

“As a food and supplement, this plant’s gel is a nutrient Fort Knox a treasury of over 75 ingredients, including 20 amino acids, vitamins, nine minerals, enzymes, steroids, organic acids, antibiotic agents, and polysaccharides (complex carbohydrates).” – Better Nutrition, by James F. Sheer

Biochemist Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D., writes that aloe’s 20 amino acids are close to the total of 22 essential amino’s required for our bodies to, in turn, make thousands of proteins.

The aloe Vera in Body Balance carries the seal of the IASC (International Aloe Science Council). It’s both certified organically grown and certified kosher-grown.

Remember, Body Balance is ALIVE with phyto (plant) nutrients! It’s even considered a “functional food” by established government guidelines.

Body Balance Testimonial

“Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I have been using the LifeForce products for about 2 years now. Body Balance was introduced to me while I was desperately ill with meningitis.

I had been hospitalized for 2 weeks and when I returned home, I was still on intravenous medication and could not get out of bed. I took 4 oz. of Body Balance immediately upon receipt and several hours later took another 4 oz.

The next morning I drank 4 oz. and later that afternoon I was able to get up. I was not able to keep anything in my stomach before taking Body Balance. After the first “dose”, it stayed down!

I was able to re-open my office after 2 days on Body Balance. As a single mom and self employed it saved my family. I have also used the Herbal Body Wrap extensively for detoxification of my body and skin. I lost several inches, but more so, I felt more energy and my skin looks great!!!!!!!

My family is also taking LifeForce products, and my son’s heavy allergies have improved tremendously.


- Elizabeth Strydom, DE

more testimonials

Here’s our Wellness Philosophy

“When the body gets what it needs, it then has the opportunity to address its own health challenges.”

Life Force products help you supply those needs.

Body Balance is your first step to wellness. Once you have reviewed some of the material on this site, I believe you’ll want to consider making a switch to our delicious tasting organic Body Balance, and other liquid supplements offered here.

I’ve provided plenty of info here so you can do your due-diligence consumer research.

(This is why I have my websites –,, and … so they can provide you, the consumer, with good information.)

CONSUMER ALERT: Not all liquid supplements are the same!

Find out why … here.


“What a difference Body Balance has made in my overall health! After my last physical, my doctor was astounded at the difference in my blood pressure and especially my cholesterol – MUCH LOWER on both! He asked what I was doing differently and I was very quick to tell him about Body Balance. I feel better and have more “get up and go” than I have had in 20 years. Another thing that I have noticed is, I handle stressful situations much better than before Body Balance. That benefit alone is worth much more than the cost. Body Balance is for real!” – Joe Parker more testimonials

Again, you will enjoy the good taste of this delightful,organic, liquid whole-food supplement.

What a pleasant way to get those bio-active nutrients delivered INTO your cells where it’s needed, don’t you think?

Highlights on How Easy, Convenient, and Pleasant this is:

  • Liquid Body Balance tastes GOOD.
  • Get up to 98% immediate nutrient absorption rate.
  • Easy to take. Drink only two-ounces a day.
  • No more gagging or choking.
  • No after-taste!
  • No more upset stomach.
  • Can take any time … before, during, or after meals.
  • Your body finally gets the over 120 plant nutrients it craves.
  • Completely bio-available for immediate assimilation and use at the cellular level. Starts absorbing the moment it hits your mouth.

So now that you know you’re flushing away up to $90 out of every $100 spent on other “nutrients” with only 10-20% absorbency, why would you choose anything else?

If, for ANY reason, you’re not happy with our products, keep your bonuses for free! So you’ll actually GAIN value in your life just for trying our products, risk free. Fair enough?”

Wayne Gerald Signature

Life Force Platinum Distributor


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